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You Can’t Out Run A Bad Diet

How many times have we worked out? Ran those extra miles?  Lifted heavier weights? Dieted and still see no results? Have you heard that amazing little secret that simply states “that it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise”? Well it’s true! You can’t out run or out lift a horrible diet even if you decide to change a few things here and there. When it comes to how  you eat, you might be neglecting to look at what you’re eating.

Countless studies have proven that if you tweak what you eat while incorporating some exercise here and there (preferably 30 mins a day) you will see amazing results within the first month. Personal Trainer and owner of A-Team Fitness in Bryan, Texas Ashlye Bergen says that ” by looking into your diet and combining it with exercise you can see drastic results in the next three months.” So instead of working yourself to exhaustion at the gym, why not look into what you’re eating.

You might decide to go vegan. did you know that you still need key nutrients and protein to fuel your body? When you take meat out of the equation, what’s the substitute? No more carbs you say?! Well, again if you cut out the carbs, what are you putting in it’s place to give you the nutrients that your body needs. Taking out “all sugar”? Sounds great, but what about fruit and the natural sugar it provides? Will you cut that out also?

To get the best results it’s highly recommended that you invest in yourself and see a nutritionist. Pay them a visit and talk more about food. They’ll be able to look at your diet and help you discover what you need to take out, and what goodies can stay (in moderation).

If you’re feeling a little down about how you might have “failed” when it comes to getting into shape, DON’T! Stop that thinking and give yourself a break. You’re trying, you go to the gym, you’re working on our diet the best you can; you simply need a little help. Getting that help is easy, it starts with research and a little more effort on your end.

Remember, nothing worth keeping comes easy; don’t you love old cliches? That’s also true when it comes to fitness. Don’t take short cuts, it’s a lifestyle change so treat it as such. To get into the best shape of your life will require you to train your brain and get in control of your bad habits. That takes time, it takes practice and it takes patience.

Below are some links to online nutritional facts about weight loss. While you’re clicking around, pull up another tab in your web browser and search for local nutritionists in your area. You’ll be surprised by how many are at your finger tips. Most local gyms have an in house nutritionist and or trainer that comes with your gym membership.

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