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Falling Into ….. SWEETS!

Oh crap! It’s that time of year where the little children will be walking around selling cookies and candy. Some will be posted outside Walmart trying to suck you in with their adorable eyes asking you if you want to buy some kind of off-market brand chocolate. I ran into a sweet little girl the other day and my response was “So sorry sweetie, I don’t have cash.” She smiled at me and said, “That’s ok, I have a square reader.” When did they get so darn smart?

Me getting hustled by a little girl is beside the point for today. My point is, that fall is the season of cakes, pies and bigger pants sizes. A good way to stay on track is to not deprive yourself of those things. I’m not saying go on full binge mode and go in a diabetic coma. I’m saying, if you want a cookie or two, enjoy it. If you want a piece of cake or pie then grab a slice. Being healthy is all about moderation.

Take into consideration portion sizes also. Do you really need to go for a second plate right away? If you take time to let the food digest, you find out that you’re not hungry for a second plate. Or, if you are hungry, it’s for a little food and not an entire plate full. You don’t want to be food conscious and scared to eat certain things. You want to have confidence that no matter the season, you will be victorious in your choice of a better lifestyle.

I also don’t want you to be full of regret and grief when it comes to food. Punishing yourself will only lead you to a binge and to fly off the rails at some point or another. Go into fall and the holidays with confidence and reassurance that you got this! Because I know you do!

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