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Let’s Stick to That Diet!

I hate the word diet, it’s so constricting! As the new year approaches we can’t help but get caught in the normal clichés. You know what I’m talking about, the lose 10lbs, the I’m going to go to the gym, the I’m going to quit that job and work on my passion type of resolutions. Although I might not be able to help with you quitting your job and chasing your passion, I may be able to help with you sticking to your diet and exercise routine.

Here’s a great tip that I’ve learned from working in gyms, being into fitness myself and talking with personal trainers. For you to have the best results and to keep off the weight and enjoy the process is to start SMALL. By that I mean don’t overdo it on the first go around.

When it comes to dieting, start with the simple stuff, especially if you have a habit of binge eating or aren’t good at going cold turkey. Take out one thing at a time on a weekly basis. For me, that would include no sweets! No cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies all because I know that sweets are my weakness. Once you do so, give yourself a round of applause because you’re slowly helping kick those bad eating habits.

If you mess up, give yourself a break! We’re hard on ourselves a majority of the time and we need to be nicer to that person staring back at us in the mirror. Start researching different programs that help you restart your body and its metabolism. For me, I tried Whole 30 and it worked. After the first week I wasn’t craving sweets, after the second week I didn’t even want a hamburger. After I completed the entire 30 days, my body felt so good I didn’t want to drink alcohol or pollute it with fast foods.

There’s a diet program for everyone. If you want to go with only whole natural foods then try Whole 30. If you love meat there’s a plan for that. If you only want to do fish there’s a plan for that. If you want to save the animals and go vegan, guess what, there’s a plan for that too!

The trick is to start small and realistic. Don’t go to the gym and try and knock out an hour plus workout. Don’t go to the gym trying new machines that you have no idea what it does. Most gyms have personal trainers and most of the time they come with your membership. Don’t be shy, ask for help. Don’t crash diet either. The problem with crash diets is that the weight always comes back and it brings a few more pounds with it.

It’s all about teaching yourself proper nutrition, proper exercise routines and weight training and learning to fall in love with the rights foods all over again. So, this year, give yourself a break and get a head start by doing some research. Remember you got this!


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