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New Year’s Resolution Check In!

Let’s do a check in on our New Year’s Resolutions! I know at the start of the New Year, we talked about our fitness goals. Don’t feel bad if you’ve ventured far from your goals. You know what I mean, we went to the gym for a week and haven’t stepped foot in the gym again. Stop beating yourself up! We’re human and it’s okay for us to fall off. What matters most is that we get back up and try it again.

You’ll see the most results, and your best results when you’re consistent. Maybe take it down from going every single day, to three times a week. Make it a point to stick to that schedule. Set alarms, buy one of those giant desk top calendars, do whatever you have to do and be repetitive.

What’s great about setting your goals to fitness and a healthier lifestyle, is the ability to go at your own pace if need be. At times our funds might be tight so we can’t stretch it to get a gym membership or a personal trainer. Or, you’re tired and don’t want to cook so you’ll opt for fast food. We all do it at times and that’s okay. I want you to know, that you’re not alone.  To make it easier, there’s plenty of at home workouts that you can do. Some of the videos don’t require any weights or equipment.

In a few blog postings to come, we’ll be posting with a fitness lover named Tony Bartele who’s in Los Angeles. He’s notorious for doing workouts at home and doing workouts at the gym. His workouts are simple and effective; so maybe that’s the perfect step for you to get back on track.

We’re over half way into the new year, you can still get a new you. Keep it up!


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