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Empower Ankle Weights for Women, Adjustable ...

Empower Ankle Weights for Women, Adjustable ...

(as of 12/14/2018 at 14:47 UTC)

  • Description

    Product Description

    Empower 8-Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights

    Looking for a convenient way to add resistance training and gain more of a challenge from your workout? Incorporate a pair of our Empower adjustable ankle weights into your fitness routine or normal activities for greater performance. Whether you are walking, jogging, running or doing a boot camp cross-fit class, ankle weights will increase intensity and increase strength. Ankle weights tone and sculpt and are great to use for leg lifts, bicycle crunches, kickbacks, leg extensions and more. Designed exclusively for women, our adjustable weight 8lb ankle weights for women allow you to target all major muscle groups. Empower adjustable ankle weights are constructed of high quality soft neoprene fabric and provide a secure and snug fit around your ankle or wrist. Our 8-pound set of ankle weights can be adjusted in one-pound increments so you pick the weight that is comfortable for you. Includes six 1-pound weight rods that fit inside the ankle weight pockets so you can increase or decrease to desired weight up to eight pounds. Empower Ankle Weights are filled with iron sand and have reinforced double stitching that insures our wrist weights will provide years of use.

    • Strength training helps build bone density.
    • Targets all major muscle groups.
    • Adjustable hook and loop Velcro closure provides a secure snug fit.
    • High quality stretchy neoprene fabric prevents chaffing.
    • 8-pound set of ankle weights are adjustable in weight increments of 1-pound rods
    • Empower!

      At Empower, we exist to empower women to be happy, healthy and strong. Empower is a community of real women who simply want to feel better, look better and feel just a little brighter in our brains. We’re about healthy not hip, fitness not perfection, and strength not guilt. We started Empower Fitness to design fitness products for the busy woman who can’t spent her valuable time in the gym. Our products are innovative and accessible. We are here to educate, motivate and inspire.


      • DESIGNED FOR WOMEN: Our adjustable weight ankle weights are designed with a woman's body and needs in mind. Sculpt and tone while walking, jogging, cross-training and workout routines
      • BURN MORE CALORIES: Our pair of 8lb ankle weights for women adds resistance to your workouts by combining cardio and weight training resulting in burning more calories
      • USE ANYWHERE: Easy to carry, you can take your ankle or wrist weights with you anywhere; the gym, home, at the office or while traveling
      • DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Constructed of high quality, soft and stretchy neoprene with reinforced double stitching and filled with iron sand
      • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT OPTIONS: Set of 8lb ankle weights are adjustable from 4lb set to 6lb set to 8lb set. Includes four 1-pound weight bars that fit inside the ankle weight pockets

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