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Extra Comfortable Booty Belt Workout Band and ...

Extra Comfortable Booty Belt Workout Band and ...

(as of 11/20/2018 at 14:02 UTC)

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  • Description

    Product Description


    BUILD, SCULPT & TONE: Get your perfect booty. Isolates glute muscles and rapidly develops a perky, lifted and firm butt. 5 Min per Day/ 30 Days!

    COMFORTABLE ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Durable - NO waist strap meaning no pinching or pulling! Our patented design is incredibly comfortable. One size fits all.

    RAPID RESULTS: Sculpt, shape and lift your booty in 5 minutes each day. Noticeable results in 7 days, incredible results in 30 DAYS.

    NO BULKY THIGHS: Unique band design isolates and targets glute muscles only. Thighs are toned without building any bulk in your thighs.

    BOOTY PROGRAM, INSTRUCTIONAL BOOK, WARRANTY & 12 MONTH GUARANTEE INCLUDED: Every BootyCo Band comes with 1 X BootyCo Band (12 month warranty), 1 X Exercise Guide, 1 X 30 Day Booty Challenge, 1 X Quality Gym Bag, 1 X Exercise Guide in digital format, Full Money Back Guarantee, Booty Nutrition eGuide, Online BootyCo Band Videos

    THE ONLY ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC BOOTYCO BAND: When you buy the original BootyCo Band, you're supporting a business run by women, for women. We designed the BootyCo Band and use it ourselves every day.


    • BootyCo Band (12 Month Warranty)
    • Comprehensive Exercise Guide (plus digital format)
    • 30 Day Booty Challenge
    • Quality Fabric Over-the-Shoulder Gym Bag
    • Money Back Guarantee & 12 Monty Band Warranty


      "Works so well and i've seen amazing results"
      "The BootyCo Band is great! Very happy with the results so far. Highly recommend.
      "It hasn't been long but my husband has already commented that he can see a difference and I can feel it!"
      "The bootyco band works! Very simple product and after several weeks of using it, I feel like I've had a butt lift. My butt feels toned, firm and lifted.


    • BUILD, SCULPT, LIFT & TONE- SEE RAPID RESULTS: Get your perfect booty! Our BootyCo Band & Booty Exercise Guide strengthen and build all three glute muscles- Maximus, Medius & Minimus to help you rapidly develop a perky, lifted and firm butt. Takes just 5 minutes per day for 30 days!
    • FAT BURNING RESULTS, NO BULKY THIGHS, VERY COMFORTABLE: Our BootyCo Band and the provided Booty Exercise Guide will let you convert your fat to muscle giving you the ideal lifted, perky and round booty. Our unique exercises isolate and target only the glute muscles. As a result your thighs stay lean and toned with no extra bulk or size added. The band is one size fits all, extremely comfortable and no pinching waist strap needed!
    • BOOTY NUTRITION eGUIDE + ONLINE WORKOUT INSTRUCTION VIDEOS + WAIST, AB & THIGH WORKOUT VIDEOS INCLUDED: Nutrition Guide- The foods you need to eat to build a booty & shed unwanted kilos- over 50 Booty Building Recipes! Workout videos- show you the correct way to use the BootyCo Band and follow along videos for the 30 Day Challenge.
    • BOOTY PROGRAM + PRINTED WORKOUT GUIDE + 12 MONTH WARRANTY + QUALITY GYM BAG INCLUDED: Every BootyCo Band comes with 1 X BootyCo Band (12 month warranty), 1 X BootyCo Band Exercise Guide, 1 X 30 Day Booty Challenge, 1 X Quality Gym Bag, 1 X Exercise Guide in digital format, Full Money Back Guarantee. For any unlikely reason your BootyCo Band breaks we will REPLACE it for FREE within 24 hours! Our Booty Exercise Guide is essential to show you how to use our band to achieve the best results.
    • THE ONLY ORIGINAL AND AUTHENTIC BOOTYCO BAND: We are a female owned business designing our unique BootyCo Band for women. We have tested our bands strength and durability with thousands of women. Our 12 month warranty protects you. Don't be fooled by cheap copy cats whose bands won't have the strength to build your booty.

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